Wheel Chair Disability reflective 100% Wool Sports Leggings


Product Description

Disabilities in the legs make thermal assessment very Difficult by care givers

Active sport prosthetic's are precision manual machines with moving parts and should be shielded from dirt and particles. Quarterchaps keeps pants and precision components clean.

This Lightweight design is crucial to minimizing additional weight attached to the Prosthetic

Quarterchaps Pedestrian Safety Leader  Designed to fit over the shoe over the knee and thigh draping over the sides and fasten in the back. WITHOUT REMOVAL OF FOOTWEAR. The Patented design Comes in one size  regular.   Are you 6' 3" or shorter than 5' 4" you need a tall  and a small e mail me quarterchaps@gmail.com   The straps are easy hook and loop cut off excess with a scissors. A pair is very compact. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY  the price is for the pair.

100% Wool coating with a angora short nap. naturally weather resistant. The lining a lightweight black 100% Wool suiting.   fabric is subject to change on availability. 

No need to carry a blanket to the transfer bus to the game on your next outing these will keep you dry and warm. I Find myself sitting on mine a lot. the seats are always cold and the ground is always wet where I am.

Be reflective be Seen you will be safer  A prismatic 2" reflective waterproof band just above your foot so you will even be seen waiting for the train (look under the  the rail cars). and headlight shine at your foot before above your chest if only wearing a vest. A earlier warning devise to the approaching Vehicle. A train in this case.