Premium Leather cashmere Blend Lining


Product Description

Chaps Soft hand  Leather Knee pad pocket  cashmere wool lining, for year round patened protective covering for your legs. Covering just below your pockets in your pants to your boot laces. This is a premium quality leather with a premium lining. Velstretch brand 1 1/2"  elasticity wrap  4 of them clings to your legs with tenacity. Cold weather gear guaranteed to keep cold wind and snow from going up your legs. Warm weather wear blocks the heat from a motorcycle engine. Will give UV protective covering when wearing shorts.

This apparel is not stab resistant or ballistic and will not stop bullets, Shrapnel or sharp objects. This apparel is designed to minimize the possibility of injury only to the part of the body which it covers. This garment does not guarantee that you will be protected from injury.