1000d nylon shell Polar Fleece or mesh lining 5 elastic straps with metal Snaps


Product Description

1000d Cordura shell, polyester mesh or polyester Fleece lining. Fastens  to you leg with tenacity. 5 metal snaps with elastic.  Machine wash when dirty hang to dry when wet. This style is the ultimate for rough mountain hikes sliding kneeling on the ice and playing in the snow. Riding horseback or motorcycles you will appreciate the way you put these on.The patented design offers a air gap on the back of your leg allowing air to ventilate and keep you comfortable in hot weather and insulated in the colder weather. The patented design has no material behind the knee offering no binding of extra material when using them for contractors knee protection utility workers and lawn care. A new improved Quarterchaps on my original design. With a  new strap location. Guaranteed to keep snow and rain from creeping up your pant leg.

This apparel is not stab resistant or ballistic and will not stop bullets, Shrapnel or sharp objects. This apparel is designed to minimize the possibility of injury only to the part of the body which it covers. This garment does not guarantee that you will be protected from injury.