EMT / EMS Geared for you


Product Description

  1. Knee pad pocket Quarterchaps  Mid Thigh Leg Shields. 1000 denier Nylon Shell Urethane coating will not rot or mildew excellent tear strength and is very abrasion resistant. machine washable
  2. fluorescent lime-yellow Approximately 44” of 2”wide reflective material. NOT Classified for commercial code. Quarterchaps the leader in Pedestrian Safety.
  3. Lime- yellow polyester lining with a pocket for a removable knee pad or heat pad  The patented design will keep the pad in place without any straps in the back of the knee that would cause chafing there is no material on the back side of the knee joint the Quarterchaps fastens with 5 industral 1” elastic straps and military spec metal snaps wraps around a 26” thigh with 2 straps above the knee and 3 straps on the shin below the knee PADS NOT INCLUDED 
  4. Knee pad Leg Shields Patent by Quarterchaps.

    Easily integrating over traditional riding Gear work wear or Tactical Pants. These will always be your outer layer. removes in seconds without removing your footwear. 

    Resistance to wear and tear. Imagine a Plumber making a house call they put there shoe covers on to keep your floors clean and there uniform  pants are muddy or greasy and torn from the last job. Professionalism in appearance in the service industry always is appreciated,  with Quarterchaps easy on easy off your legs can always be clean. 

    First aid workers will  kneel in all the elements to give aid to distressed individuals. The Tactical pants have all the pouches and pockets for supportive care, what they lack is a removable barrier that can be removed at the location to keep potentially contaminated particles from being transfered through there clothing. Involvement with HAZMAT chemicals is a condition of the workplace. Quarterchaps will provide a easy removable layer between them and the body fluids, unknown surfaces,or chemicals they encounter.  

    Disaster relief workers Sifting through brick and mortar or nails and metal plates Quarterchaps provide a additional Shield for your legs subjected to scrapes and puncture by incidental contact in a search and rescue environment. 

    The Patented designs by Bob Cook has been producing breakthrough products to cover your leg from top to bottom. Quarterchaps Knee Pad Leg Guards are AMAZING.  Quarterchaps with a Knee pad pocket allow the user to choose the type of pad that fits them best hard or soft shell. The pads Installed in the liner  gives you room to move in and out of your driver seat without catching and dragging half your under the dash wiring with you

    5 fasteners attach to your leg with tenacity. Fire retardant Materials are available with extremely puncture resistant leather for the oil and petroleum industry.  one size fits most. You will contact me if you are under 5'3" or over 6'3".