Automotive Recovery Safety Leg shields MVSS-302 FR Rail Workers


Product Description

Very high Quality USA workmanship 11.5 oz  heavyweight Fabric Highly durable,  water resistant ,Sewn with outdoor Thread. All weather comfort 300 Series fleece liner. 

High Visability  FR reflective  Light weight  1 lb 4 oz per pair easy to pack

5 snaps and elastic straps  A High tech coat /Leggings comfort for all leg activity's. 

one Pair fits 24 to 32 inseam Unisex thigh diameter to 26"  18" of coverage

16" of fabric coverage below the knee,  13" of fabric around the foot

other sizes available contact

 Machine washable. 

Patented design Chaps Unisex one size 26-34 inseam approximate. High Tech Coat for Leggings
11.5 oz Sage Valley Canvas in Carhartt® brown
Passes MVSS-302 FR. 65% Polyester/35% Cotton
Quarterchaps Extra Wide Fabric and liner totals 18" around thigh 15" below the knee and 13" around the boot. 5 Hook and Loop straps 7 to 11inches long. Added to the fabric will wrap a 24' thigh the ventalation gap will be 6". below my knee s 16" the fabric is 15" wide air gap is 1" wide 10" around my boot 3" overlap, No Snow up my pants leg. and fastens to your leg with tenacity