5 banded Armadillo by Quarterchaps


Product Description

The ultimate Quarterchaps design for the very most active body’s. Totally eliminates the bunching up of previous designs that were made for sitting and riding when walking around, The free standing Quarterchaps that don’t rely on a strap or buckle that goes around your waist or fastens to a belt. This Armadillo (trademark pending) has 5 bands or straps securing the apparel to the legs from the boot laces of your shoes to the mid thigh. The patented design is unlike anything you are accustom to. There is total freedom from additional drag place on the waist. Pocket access the ability to store the compact design when not in use, and the variety of weatherproof, cut and puncture resistance materials are unmatched by other designs.

The safety designs using class 2 ANSI reflective materials alert drivers many feet earlier by reflecting back when the lights hit the foot versus above the waist like traditional safety vests.

Wearing Quarterchaps keeps pants clean and stop the pant flapping and white sock exposure of motorcyclist.

Quarterchaps are secured with tenacity. The tactical Designed for hardened knee and shin protection for the law enforcement and military,extreme Motorsports, equine barrel racing. Prospectors. Do stay in place my guarantee.

Custom designs only low minimum orders.