8-9 oz Leather, "Water Buffalo" Patented Knee Chaps EzChaps by Quarterchaps


Product Description

4 layers Heavy Leather articulating knee design, patented by Outback Bob Cook

1/4< knee wear surface and puncture protection.Patented slip and slide leather. Leather knee flap encompasses the knee and covers the conceal pockets.

Military spec hook and loop elastic straps, clings to your legs with tenacity, no hook ups to your waist wraps around your boots keeping rain and mud  out of your boots on the Motorcycle foot pegs, or stomping in the river bottoms. Patented design top will cover your thigh tp just under your pants pocket. Restroom friendly for the girls.

Conceal pockets shown in photos included.customizing pricing time and material 

Unlined for and built for many industrial and sport leg shielding applications.

Fire resistant Materials available, extreme resistance to fence, cactus and viper punctures


This apparel is not stab resistant or ballistic and will not stop bullets, Shrapnel or sharp objects. This apparel is designed to minimize the possibility of injury only to the part of the body which it covers. This garment does not guarantee that you will be protected from injury.