About Us

I’m Bob Cook, the owner and founder of Quarterchaps.

As human beings, there are a few things we’re better at than any other creature on the planet. We figured out how to utilize tools. We’re good at adapting to new situations. We can use self awareness to change our behavior. But one thing we humans don’t have is natural protection, especially when it comes to our legs. That’s why I developed Quarterchaps.

Regular chaps can be unreasonably expensive, and they have a nasty habit of causing over the top spillage of water and debris. We’ve developed 360 degree leg protection that fits around your thigh, knee, calf, and ankle. Belting mechanisms hold them in place and prevent annoying sagging. You don’t have to worry about lack of movement, since our 3 piece knee design allows unrestricted bending and flexing of your knee. When fitted properly, Quarterchaps offer an adjustable ventilation gap. In high heat areas, you can stay cool. In frigid temperatures, your legs stay warm. We offer 3 sizes, so no matter the size of your muscle tone on your legs, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable.

Quarterchaps are ideal attire for:

  • Industrial work
  • Ranching and landscaping
  • Military and tactical
  • Recreation and sporting

Depending on the needs of your business, Quarterchaps are manufactured with highly durable and fire retardant materials like kelvar, and we can easily include high visibility and reflective silver and orange. We use tanning techniques on our leather, and we're committed to local growth, which is why we proudly employ disabled veterans and Native Americans at the Bureau of Indian affairs building in South Dakota. They are employed as part of the Department of Veteran affairs CWT compensated work therapy.

Ultimately, we’re committed to safety. We think workers around the world should have the peace of mind knowing that they have greater protection, higher visibility, and unsurpassed comfort. For more information, or to place your first order, contact us today.