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Great Outdoor Gear Quarterchaps® LegShields unisex one size fits most

Humans don’t have natural protection especially when it comes to our legs, knees up and down the most exposed bones in the body in particular.. That’s why I developed Quarterchaps.  We figured out how to utilize tools. We’re good at adapting to new situations. We can use self awareness to change our behavior.

Forget what you know about Chaps. We’ve developed and patented A leg shield that fits around your thigh, knee, calf, and ankle securely looped through your boot loop. (That you thought was for pulling your boot onto your foot) Belting mechanisms hold them securely in place. End annoying sagging Loose fitting of a Full length Pants, rain gear or specialized clothing snagging and blowing in the wind. You don’t have to worry about lack of movement either, since our 3 piece knee design allows unrestricted bending and flexing of your knee. The sewn in knee pads I will guarantee to stay in place. with optional triple leather fully articulating knee, digging with your knee is not out of the question. When fitted properly Quarterchaps offer a ventilation gap because of a split design. The only apparel that doesn't put your leg in a sleeve. Comfort of natural air movement from your walking and a extreme weather resistant Highly abrasive outer wear, or with shorts In high heat areas.  you can stay cool. In frigid temperatures, your legs stay warm. We offer 3 sizes, so no matter the size of your muscle tone on your legs, you’re guaranteed a peace of mind for your body in exploration.

Quarterchaps are ideal attire for:

  • Industrial work
  • Ranching and landscaping
  • Military and tactical
  • Recreation and sporting

Depending on the needs of your business, Quarterchaps are manufactured with highly durable and fire retardant materials like kelvar, and we can easily include high visibility and reflective silver and orange. We use tanning techniques on our leather, and we're committed to local growth, In 2016 we proudly employ disabled veterans and Native Americans at the Bureau of Indian affairs building in South Dakota. They were employed as part of the Department of Veteran affairs CWT compensated work therapy. the program was canceled. Based on the program of stitchers getting a pay for production additional income for disabled or social security recipients. Therapeutic simple taskes for everyone.


 Plans for a Quarterchaps Warehouse and a sewing factory are underway. A start up staff and revolving stitchers in house trained for the many jobs associated in the production of EzChaps. EzChaps a division of Quarterchaps® serving the markets associated with manufacturing Patented design High Visibility Quarterchaps®. Government's  300,000 worker on the interstate highway system. With the additional safety visability clothing which does save lives, will also reduce work related injury's on the legs. Workers comfort in adverse weather makes for happy workers. Machine washable, your undergarments will stay clean.

Ultimately, We think workers around the world should have the peace of mind knowing that they have greater protection, higher visibility, and unsurpassed comfort. For more information, or to place your first order, contact us today.