Knee padding, leather One wrap hook and loop 360


Product Description

Knee pad Leg Shields Patent by Quarterchaps.

Leather Chaps are the best choice material for comfort when Weather is a concern.  No additional liner means easily integrating over traditional riding Gear or Tactical Pants. These will always be your outer layer.

Resistance to wear and tear is another imagine a Plumber making a house call they put there shoe covers on to keep your floors clean and there uniform  pants are muddy or greasy and torn from the last job. Professionalism in appearance in the service industry always is appreciated,  with Quarterchaps easy on easy off your legs can always be clean. 

First aid workers forced to kneel in all the elements involved with HAZMAT chemicals will get a big layer of leather between them and the surfaces or chemicals they encounter.  

Disaster relief workers Sifting through brick and mortar or nails and metal plates Quarterchaps provide a additional Shield for your legs subjected to scrapes and puncture by incidental contact in a search and rescue environment. 

The Patented designs by Bob Cook has been producing breakthrough products to cover your leg from top to bottom. Quarterchaps Knee Pad Leg Guards are AMAZING. solving a personal challenge with a bucket list Item. I am shielding my knee with Layers of saddle leather.  the right amount of structural integrity in the twisting by Designer Robert A Cook  creates a natural cushioning and layering, allowing a smooth tension slide between the layers. The ergonomics are wrong when pads or HATCH leg guards are worn adding up to 3" over the knee for padding. Quarterchaps Knee padding gives you room to move in and out of your driver seat without catching and dragging half your under the dash wiring with you.

Its leather weather all the time is what Eli Trevino says those are the  benefits of this product.  Made in the USA. the shell is a 4 to 5 oz soft hand Leather that wraps your leg comfortably when wearing shorts. The Patented ARTICULATING  knee causes no pulling up or down and are guaranteed to stay in place.

5 one wrap hook and loop stiff fasteners attach to your leg with tenacity. Fire retardant Materials are available. and extremely puncture resistant leather as well for the oil and petroleum industry one size fits all.  You will scissor excess strapping legnth off. one size fits most. You will contact me if you are under 5'3" or over 6'3".