Leather Knee Pads 5-6 oz 4 layers with 1/4" Volara foam Padding EzChaps


Product Description

Layers of leather sandwich a 1/4" foam pad split and grommeted to a leather knee capsule. ALL WEATHER LEATHER is attached to give you a Patented leg Shielding protection. 

Forget what you know about Chaps 

Patented  heavy design 3# a pair!  the Chrome Tan leather is soft hand front and back. comfortable on bare skin. Veg Tan available for conceal designs. snap on tools with multiple configurations and attachment options. e mail for more information.

Fastens to your leg with tenacity 10 Velcro brand one wrap straps per pair.  Velcro one wrap replacement Straps available. Package of 10.  18# ft tensile strength UL Certified USA CA E175213 

EzChaps by Quarterchaps Patented design is the only product designed for your legs that does not enclose your leg in a sleeve void of any air flow. one size fits most 3 sizes available these measure up to a simple wrap with big benefits in comfort. 

1 Wrap your leg in Quarterchaps. Why you say?  start with crawling in the dirt Tracking Big Game and finish with Fire Retardant reflective safety leg Shields in the State  and National Forests and everything in between.

2 Highway Safety Additional safety rating for workers and Quarterchaps are not just for looks refer to #1 and Check with workers comp insurance claims and cures.

3 Ranchers and farmers Building and tripping over fences since explorers many generations ago. A big game changer in encountering less than desirable company. Veg tanned leather available for gun and Knife pockets. in addition Refer to 1 and 2 



This apparel is not stab resistant or ballistic and will not stop bullets, Shrapnel or sharp objects. This apparel is designed to minimize the possibility of injury only to the part of the body which it covers. This garment does not guarantee that you will be protected from injury.

RN#140883  Made in Wisconsin USA