Leather crystals Wool Quarterchaps


Product Description

Quarterchaps black leather wool and crystals with effective piping. This pair by designer Robert Anthony Cook is getting many requests to bring them back. This design features 5 Velcro velstretch elastic straps and military spec hook to ensure they will not slide. No worries when walking around showing off your good taste in Chaps. Enjoy unparalleled ease of using the restroom or dancing and the combination of the two. Getting into your pockets  is unrestricted in the absence of belts or hooks fastened to your waist. This is the only stand alone product in the world. The patented design legging is not designed to totally enclose your leg and thigh. The absence of material behind the knee is unparalleled when sitting or kneeling. This pair is a soft hand a little stiff some caressing of the product will soften the leather and give it a personality the more you wear them  like a new baseball glove they will offer the rider excellent protection from flying insects and debree. They are resistant to water and wind proof. And the wool backing is comfortable in all weather insulating from the heat of the pipes and engine sun and the cold air one may encounter.