Here, you’ll be able to pick the Quarterchaps that are right for you. Every model is wind and water resistant, and made from rip and puncture-resistant material.

Below, you can choose the size you want, and you can also add reflective strips and replacement straps to your order.

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LEATHER each piece is unique

Weather is the reason leather and Wool is the oldest clothing news story

resistance to wear and tear is another

The Patented designs by Bob Cook has been producing breakthrough products to cover your leg from top to bottom. The latest addition Knee Guards are AMAZING. solving a personal challenge with a bucket list Item. I am shielding my knee with Layers of saddle leather.  the right amount of structural integrity in the twisting by Designer Robert A Cook  creates a natural cushioning and layering, allowing a smooth tension slide between the layers.  I started testing the initial results.  The posture is wrong for me when pads add 3" to my  there to there. Quarterchaps Knee Guards will move you approximately 1/2" to 5/8" and it depends on the weight of the individual.

Its leather weather all the time is what Eli Trevino says those are the  benefits of this product.  Made in the USA. the shell is a 3 oz Black Cowhide.   This product featuring an BOB COOK DESIGN Leather ARTICULATING  KNEE

5 strap hook and loop MIL SPEC fastens to your leg with tenacity. the amount of contact will vary there is more than enough I aim to surround a 27" thigh. call me if you need more.  You will scissor excess off. one size fits most. You will contact me if you are under 5'3" or over 6'3".

Wool Coating lining is the BEST for hot and cold. your keeping your leg from hot exhaust and tanks of oil in the petroleum industry It is naturally resistant to fire. Wool is a legendary old news story. most of my design Life I have consumed natural and Sustainable products.

people ask me how long Quartrechaps will last.The thread is good for 90 years

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